We are Lion's Tooth Productions, a cause-driven production company dedicated to inspiring, motivating, celebrating, stimulating & liberating.  In addition to adhering to the mission statement we hold, steadfast, we also believe in using our abilities not just as creators and storytellers, but as humanitarians dedicated to raising awareness, funds and support to worthy individuals and causes highlighted in each of our projects...


Lion's Tooth Productions is a cause-driven production company deeply dedicated to writing, creating & producing  compelling cross-genre content with strong, powerful, dynamic and LEADING roles for women & minorities...



Any way we can...

Almost sounds flippant or funny but the reality is: we, the people, we the artists, we the patrons, WE THE PEOPLE - WE are not just ready for change, we are in dire & desperate need of it.


The abhorrent reality of hatred, bigotry and prejudice that has plagued this nation since before its "birth" has been thusly mirrored in a myriad of ways by the far younger film and television industry seen by millions and millions worldwide.  

And while there are many works in various mediums that are not just awe-inspiring but indelibly ground-breaking and, in some cases, change-inducing; the harrowing truth is that the number of both outward and "subtle" displays of blatant discrimination, prejudice, bigotry & hatred are ever-present & gut-wrenchingly glaring in their magnitude.  

What can WE do? 

We cannot WAIT to show you.  

WE are all connected.  We are all in this together.....

We are the music makers....we are the dreamers of dreams.